Department of Systems and Control,

K. N. Toosi University of Technology


PhD. Students

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Esmat Jamshidi Stochastic Optimal Portfolio Management Based on the Skew-Elliptical Statistical Distributions
Saeed Rajabi  
Nasrin Kalamianan Design of State-Dependent Impulsive Observer for Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems
Mahsa Rajabi
< Portfolio Management in Stocks Market using Machine Learning Methods
Name Email Field
Atie Keshavarz
Pic Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Bayesian Filtering
Zohreh Beheshtipour
Pic Extension of Linear Systems Covariance Assignment Problem to Noninear Systems Covariance Assignment
Mahmoud Reza Hadaegh
Pic Multi Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Markov Chain Monte- Carlo Data Association
Fatemeh Amini
Pic Robust Stabilization of Interval Plants by Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems
Manouchehr Dehghandar
Pic Application of Fuzzy Logic to Determine the Retentive Causes of Pulse Body using Pulse Parameters in Iranian Traditional Medicine
Mostafa Kalami (2014)
Pic Estimation Distribution Evolutionary Filters: A Novel Approach to Filtering
Yazdan Batmani (2014)
Pic Optimal Control of Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems
Larisa Khodadadi (2014)

Estimation of Region of Attraction for Polynomial Nonlinear Systems: A Numerical Method

Seyed Mostafa Ghadami (2013) Optimizing a Class of Nonlinear Singularly Perturbed Systems Using SDRE Technique
Mojtaba Hakimi Moghadam (2013)
Pic Revision on the Frequency Domain Conditions for Strict Positive Realness
Ali Akbar Mohammadi (2012)
Pic Power System Monitoring and Analysis Using Subspace Identification Methods
Amir Esmaeili Abharian (2012)
Pic Stochastic Probability Density Function Controller as an Active Queue Management Applied to Computer Networks
Moosa Ayati (2011)
Pic Stable Adaptive Synchronization Scheme for Uncertain Chaotic Systems via Observer
Mahmoud Shahi (2011)
Pic Time-Based Noise Removal from Magnetic Resonance Sounding Signals
Ali Karsaz (2007)
Pic New Algorithm Based on Generalized Target Maneuver Detection

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