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Fluid Mechanics: (Course description  PDF)                                                        

1) Introduction       PDF-1                                                                      

2) Fluid properties  PDF-2                                                                                                    

3) Hydrostatics-1    PDF-3                                        

4) Hydrostatics-2    PDF-4

5) Fluid flow           PDF-5                                   

6) System & control volume-1    PDF-6

7) System & control volume-2    PDF-7

8) Dimensional analysis              PDF-8

9) Pipes                    PDF-9

10) Surface resistance, drag and lift  PDF-10

Exams (1381-1398)   PDF   

Replies to the semester exams:  Mid-term1    Mid-term2  

                                                Final Exam


Seminar:  PDF


Fundamental of Coastal Hydraulics:   Assignment-1     Assignment-3

                                                              Assignment-2     Assignment-4

Coastal Sediment:   Assignment-1



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